Relaxation Massage:

Using essential oils, the relaxation massage is conducted without clothing, with a towel covering the private area. € 25 / 30 min, or € 50 / hour.

Massage on Location:
I arrive with massage table to your door. We provide towels as well,The parking costs. & € 0.20 per kilometer will be charged on top of the rate of € 50 / hour of massage.

Chair Massage:
The chair massage is usually rented during festivals, or provided to companies with 10 minutes per employee. €
 1 / per min. We work together in a team with other masseurs.

Thai  Massage:
You would lie on a futon mattress on the floor. Clothing is optional, being aware that the body needs to be able to stretch be flexible. This massage takes a minimum of 1 – 2 hours.
  € 50 / hour or € 100 / 2 hours. A cup of tea is included at the end.               

4 Hand Massage:

This massage includes a synchronized movement from two people, accompanied by relaxing music and essential oils like coconut, argan, or almond. € 100 / hour.

During this massage you will receive in a synchronic way a massage from two people relaxation music in the back ground natural massage oil like coconut, argan, ore almond is being used. € 100 / hour.           

Shiatsu Massage:
This massage is more based on the acupuncture pressure points, also called “marma points,” corresponding with our vital organs like intestines, livers, spleen, ad kidneys. It can relieve deep pains, helps with migraines or menstrual problems. Self-help techniques will also be taught if you wish : € 50 / hour.

Deep Tissue Massage:
This massage is quite strong and hard, going really deep in the muscles. You must be physically capable to receive stron touch. Athletes and practicing yogis can especially benefit from this massage.
 You could also call it Sports Massage.

Indian Head Massage:
Demonstrated in this video
€10,- / 15 min

Ayurvedic Massage:
This holistic massage has a deep relaxing and detoxifying effect for the entire body, with warm coconut, sesame or argan oil being used. The oils have a soothing effect on the internal organs and the body.

Therapeutic Massage:
This massage is related to getting more awareness, consciousness about the self, and what’s going on inside the body. If you have physical or emotional pains, you will feel it in your system. During this kind of message we can start up a dialogue wich can touch deeper layers of our awareness. Bedsides our physical awareness, this session will also work on the emotional, mental, and spiritual awareness. The pain will be relieved spontaneously if you are willing to see what is alive in you right now. In my approach with people, i believe that you yourself will give the right answers to your questions as you yourself knows best….

These are the first steps to the healing of the self, our autonomic system will work for us as soon as we surrender to the inner flow of what wants to be seen. Usually, a specific theme always comes back, and if this becomes more and more in our awareness we are able to face it and transform it so we avoid pain and suffering so more and more we are able to love and protect the self.

€75,- /1.5 hour

Massage Workshop: 
For a birthday party, a festival, or a small group of friends. With a minimum of a group of four people, in 4 hours you learn and receive some fine simple techniques of Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, Rebalancing, and Thai massage.The workshop is usually from 1300-1700 practise 1700-1800 sharing experiences evaluation.

Experienced ore unexperienced all can participate, bring your own big towel.
€75,- / per person

CranioSacral therapy:

This is actually not a massage but an energetic invitation from my hands to the self-healing system that you are. My hand will work in between the sacrum and the skull of the client where a self-generating fluid is moving, also called ;

“the breath of the brain and nervous system” it coordinates and feeds all the functions of the body.

This fluid is pumped from the brain into the bloodstream which provides energy to our whole body system and feeds the organs and cell tissue and facia tissue. This fluid has the ability to move with us, that’s why it is also called as;” the craniosacral rhythm “. If it does not move fluently, our system can get blocked and tensed mostly in the facia tissue.

My hands will kindly invite the fluid to start flowing again so your self-healing mechanism can start to work by relaxing the nervous system.

 Contact, me by E-mail ore fone:0031 622050207 Ilma.