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 A little about me

Born in 1967, Ilma grew up on the country-side working in the tulip fields and flower industry as a teenager. She played a lot outside, having lots of friends playing football, and going into the trees and playing teepee tents. She finished high school with average grades, and always there was a feeling of restlessness inside, searching for something deeper.

This feeling became less when she met a Yogi from the Ananda Marga in Hoorn. This lecture on Yoga, Meditation, vegetarian food, changed her life completely at the age of 18.

After high school she took off to the Ananda Marga Yoga Training center in Sweden with her two congas. It would be a time of singing Kiirtan, doing yoga and meditation, playing drums, and meeting people from all over the world searching for truth and living in the sangha community.

After Sweden Ilma went to India to finish her last examinations and was sent to Brazil to teach there the ancient teachings of yoga and meditation and serve humanity.

Living in the big city of Sao Paulo, Ilma became known as “didi Amita” and taught yoga and meditation almost for free and was leading the ashram/yogini house and came in touch with a country of which her love for music developed.

She started playing drums in a reggae band, and at the same time taught yoga and worked on a project the favelas, in the slums of Sao Paulo.

The project became “her baby” and is  now still running with 60 children and supported by the Brazilian government .

In 1997, her father was diagnosed with leukemia and Ilma decided to go back to the Netherlands.She started to support her family and start a new life here – so different from the heat and extroverted culture of Brazil.But what is the need here? It wasn’t material. I could see people in so much stress, emptiness, and pain.People needed more guidance in the mental and emotional side.

She started to work at a neo-Humanistic kindergarten in Hoorn, taught Yoga & Meditation part-time, and studied social pedagogics in Amsterdam.

At the same time she started giving Massages to help her way in teaching the people how to balance their own life physically and mentally.

Other than her job as a social pedagogic worker, she started to take courses on coaching and counseling to become a better listener, more empathic, more into feeling behind the words. In return to be able to give more on the outside to make people become more aware of themselves and finding their own truth and walking their path.

Ilma is available now as a massage and yoga teacher, community builder and empathetic listener. She also opens her home to small yoga retreats, and in different locations where she thinks could be a nice co-creation.

Her Yoga is now developing more to Yin and Acro-yoga style. Acro-yoga is a very dynamic and interactive yoga style, mixing acrobatics, and yoga practice.

 She also gives introduction classes on non-violent communication and is a part of Inner Source circles – a new self-supporting system to aid families in helping themselves in their own network.

 In her work, she is always supporting the persons to reach his/her own sources of power and healing and to connect to the inner source, looking together at which thoughts keep holding them back from their true potential, and which thoughts can make them grow .

 Changing your life is all about changing your consciousness, your awareness about your current created reality, and if you decide not to change, you are choosing,………

She is open for any connection to work together to grow social and peace-loving awareness on this Planet Earth, and support a happy healthy life style. Ilma supports alternative systems of trade and community living where people share their expertise and skills, and giving the best of their selves, instead of money. HELP-X and Work Away are websites where you can find inspiring projects all over the world where you could volunteer.

In her free time Ilma likes to dance Zouk, Salsa, play music, and wishes to be close to nature, animals and friends. Live to inspire!! Think globally, and act locally are some of Ilma’s favorite life mottos. May all living beings be happy and be free from suffering.




Staying with Ilma for two days gave me all I was looking for. A deep peace, totally rested, and self-confidence and inspiration to LIVE!

Ilma has the ability to make you feel at home, welcome and ok as you are.

Just two private yoga classes with Ilma helped me from my back pain and gave me the inspiration to take better care of myself.

Ilma her hands are for me the only hands who can help me from severe cramps and pains in my body.

Ilma makes time for you, I could walk and talk with her to express what’s inside me, she did not charge money for that, I did not have enough finance that time in return I made some good vegetarian food for her.

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