Natural Health

In my opinion, there are just two ways to reach ultimate health: 1. The regular healing methods which are using resources to suppress symptoms and reduce pain and in case of infections they use antibiotics and if this does not give the wanted result they use infection blockers corticosteroïds.

2.The natural healing methods never start to block the symptoms, in the natural healing methods we search for the real cause of the problem and we search for natural methods to restore the natural balance in body and mind. For example, if you have a terrible excema in the natural healing we will not put a cream full of hormones but we will search for the cause which usually lies in the liver and pancreas so in this case, we can really work in solving the problem totally and not just suppressing the symptoms.

If the patient chooses for the natural way of healing we assist you in treating the symptom holistically, which means physically mentally and spiritually! So you can count on support for the body to take out the opportunistic pathogens, balance your PH-balance, take out heavy metals, reduce stress on the system, eliminate toxic thoughts, fix digestive problems, reduce infections, and take out unhealthy foods,

Natural Healing has a broad perspective and often it is taken under the umbrella of “: alternative medicine”  In Natural health methods i am using more the holistic approach we never think only just one organ is not functioning well, but the sickness brings is a disturbance in the whole body as well as the emotional body and in the spirit. If we look at the sickness in this way it can even be a vehicle for spiritual growth. By taking the sickness really seriously and taking full responsibility for it the self-healing mechanism of the body will start to respond automatically. 😉

Did you ever try detoxing the body? Making water fast for 72Hours? here is a short video wich explains more of its benefits and how your system can handle this. With Doctor Allan goldhammer:

Humoralpathology of Hypocrites is distinguishing 4 body liquids, Blood (sang)  phlegm phlegmlight bile, (chol)and dark bile (melancholy).The juices are associated with four temperaments.They represent constitutions and diseases inside the body,  When one of the liquids is dominant we call this a dyscrasia, And if  the body is healthy then there will be a balance between all the body liquids and temperaments. The four body-liquids again are connected with the four elements.

The Sanguine type is connected with the element air. The phlegm type is connected with the element water, The Choleric type is connected with the element fire, and the Melancholic with the element earth.

Everyone is reacting in a certain way to our present circumstances each and everyone from their dominant temperament full condition. .Choosing between the differences of these types helps in the holistic treatment of the client. This holistic health approach gives good opportunities to prevent diseases and making an appeal on the body’s self-healing mechanism.

When we want to bring new balance in our body we can also make use of different helpful methods and additional: like herbs, homeopathic, frequent remedies,  acupuncture,food supplements, flower remedies, changing of lifestyle, When we choose to take any of these routes the boy will start to detoxify an let go off harmful substances. These phenomena we call Total Detox for example by water fasting. The secretion organs of the body like the Liver, Kidneys, and lymphatic system is usually taking care of that. This has its consequences like feeling fatigue, eczema, itching, thin stool, etc.

During the detox make sure you have enough water intake, some extra resting, sweating and sauna can help as well just drinking water and let the body heal and reset itself trusting the self-healing mechanism of the body to activate itself. When the body is ready it will excrete the poisonous toxins together with a vital substance in the body;

Throughout the fast we can can have a deficiency in the following body salts and minerals.

  • Lecithin
  • Kalium
  • Jodium
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamine C
  • Omega-3 acid fat
  • Selenium
  • Vitamine B-complex

During the fast also herbs can be used to make thea from,also tincture can be make ore taking tablets like chlorella and  spirulina can support your process in detoxifying the body.

To cleanse the liver we use the walnut tincture, MariaDandelion, Ginger, Artisjok, Curcuma, Chelidonium, lycopodium and Kumis Kutjong liver and gallbladder thee, usually they have a bitter taste.and stimulate the kidneys as well, solidago can be used, green kley, berberis, and for the lymphatic system lecithin, vitamin B5 (pantothenic),.

Our body has a self-regulating self-healing mechanism wich can heal any form of stress diseases, traumas ore other forms of discomforts which disharmonize the body’s function.and heals it from its solutions. The healing process is being guided by the endorphins system in the body. The endorphins system consists of three components: Endorfine, Enkefaline, Dynorfine, these components are very sensitive for overstimulation.

The functioning of the endorphins system becomes less if its being overstimulated,this can easily happen if we take to manny products with gluten, milkproucts, Soja, sugar, gaming, porn, gambling,pharmaceutics, workaholics, long-term stress and trauma, drugs (ecstasy amfetamines) when the working of the enorphine system gets less (resistance) the stress will get even more to the psyche as well as to the body.When the brain and the body can not neutralize the stress anymore there will arise various pathologie in the body.


We want to help you in this proces

What is the function of endorphins ?

Endorphins regulate the functioning of more than 500 Proteins in the body and especially those that specifically are regulating your energy level, sense of happiness,and concentration span, motivation, stress reduction, fertility and immunity.

  • Endorphins activate insulin, dopamine, serotonin, and reduces stress hormones of wich a person will gain the benefit of a stable blood sugar level, which makes us feel happy, energetic .peacefull,and in connection with ourselves and others.
  • Endorphines activate the restoration of cells, create new brain cells, it prevents and can heal autoimmune diseases, (example: Lupus, diabetis1)

Pathology  (resistance)

  • Lack of energy feeling a bit down and drowsy tiredness during the day)
  • Preference of eating food with sugar which is lots of carbohydrates
  • Eating disorder
  • If the production of dopamine is less there will be more feelings of fatigue, tiredness, brain fog, procrastination, lack of motivation, attention deficit disorder (ADHD)less sense of pleasure, and more addictive behaviors.
  • If the production of Seratonin is less there can be signs of depression.
  • When there is less production of endorphins and oxytocins there will be more signs of difficulty to feel attached to anyone, more difficulties in the relationship, easily bored in a relationship, signs of  borderline
  • Less production of Insulin and insulin resistance diabetes type 1 &2
  • .Easily agitated and a high-stress level and quickly overstimulated
  • Increase of fear-related complaints, hyperventilation.
  • Increase of allergic reactions like asthma, allergies, autoimmune diseases
  • Less resistance towards viral and bacterial interferences and airway infections and ear infections.
  • Increase of memory loss like Alzheimer
  • Increase of pain symptoms

What does enkephalin do?

  • It is calming the nervous system by lengthening the GABA it increases good sleep.It works similarly to the effect of benzodiazepines like. Valium
  • It is organizing the psycho motorics ability to move
  • It relaxes the intestine esophageal valve and its connection with the stomach
  • It activates dopamine in the nigrostriatal circuit of the brain it organizes the mobility of the body.

Pathology resistance

  • Sleeping problems and distress because of less GABA
  • Strong impulses, restless legs, tics
  • Tension in the esophagus
  • Problems with Motoric problems,  Parkinson

What dynorphin does

  • It recovers the balance of the endorphins, dopamine and serotonin
  • it activates cortisol
  • Dynorfine is a helps to release unpleasant experiences, fears, and traumas.
  • It regulates the detoxification of the  P450 enzymes
  • It slows down the NMDA (a protein that activates the central nerves system)
  • It keeps the calcium in the bones.

Pathology (resistance)

  • Active components of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin work less or badly.
  • Preference to eat meat.
  • The behavior is a bit apathetic not interested in people and situations.
  • Thinking  black and white , polarisation, reactive behavior and suicidal tendencies
  • Extreme exhaustion.after physical excersizes
  • Difficulty to let go of unpleasant experiences, fears, and traumas. Increase of fears ( example: PTSS, hyperventilation  en phobias)
  • Physical tensions like Hernia, tight muscles in the neck, shoulder back and chest.
  • The detox must be started slowly, also slowly building up multiple  chemical sensitivity
  • Excessive  NMDA-activity  (throbbing, worrying thoughts, brain fog, sound in the ears}
  • The loss of Calcium, osteoporosis.