YOGA RETREATS in Amsterdam groups of max 12 persons

3 Days Yoga meditation & Juice Fasting Nature Camp 7,8,9 April.    E330,00    and E375,00

This retreat will be given 7,8,9 April.2023

If you want to be inspired living a healthy lifestyle, doing a Juice cleanse together with others,  Yin- yoga will be given by Ilma and  in free time there is space to connect with nature , donature walks, bike to the biofarm, go, swimming, kayaking, and just relax and read a book or receive massage and in the evenings we will sleep outside in a big tipi tent or small tents.  We will do sharing cirkels and most of the classes will be given outside nest to the Beautifull lake Gaasperplas, close to the villages Weesp and Abcoude, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

3 Day Cycling Tour with Yoga Meditation & Thai Massage       E450.00

Early morning rising for those who wish to start the day with taking a swim in the Gaasperplas lake. Next is meditation and yoga and after breakfast we will leave on the bikes toward the biological farm and Cheese farm, from there we will bike towards Abcoude , from where we will follow the river “Vecht” towards direction Utrecht. During the trip we will see and visit some beautiful castle gardens, eat our self made lunch along the way and after that we do a “sharing, an active listening method in witch you share whats alive in you, a way of making contact  witch can bring inner transformation and realizations , my tip is for each practitioner to bring a note book in witch you can write your realizations. We will continue our Bike trip towards Utrecht where sightseeing can be done, in the evening we will stay with a dutch family ,next day we will continue our bike trip back towards Amsterdam, we will arrive before dinner time so in the evening we can do Thai massage for the legs and spend the night at the Yoga-house. Next morning for the early risers again swimming, meditation and Yoga, and Thai Massage to help relax our cycling bodies, also verbal  evaluation of your inner realizations and hopefully transformations 😉

This active cycle retreat can change your life bring new friends and self-awareness and  boost your system with oxitocins and loads of endorphins.

3 Days Yoga Retreat                 € 295,00

2 yoga clases and meditation per day day, at 0800am and 1700pm

Lots of free time 2 walk or bike around the lake,do adventurous canoeing, swimming or bike or subway to the Amsterdam city center.

Evening time meditation & movies on Spirituality and whatever topic that’s essential for living a happy healthy life.
Included are all meals vegetarian or vegan options  & a private room.

E-mail ore requests a video call.

3 Days Yoga/Meditation and Psilosybine   395.00

1st-day arrival; getting to know the area, light diet, a yoga & meditation class.

2nd day; Doing a counseling walk around the lake with our experienced trip sitter, creating clarity and setting intentions, keeping a diary for insights and reflections, yoga & meditation class.

Afternoon /evening: Micro-dose Psilosybine

3rd day, Yoga & meditation, Evaluation, and integration day. (all meals included)

E-Mail or request video call.

7 Days Retreat; Reset and Renew  €795,00

This retreat will bring a great change in many fields of your personal and humanitarian life. We ask you to have an open mind, learn new things, and be open to dive and explore your own beliefs and willingness to dream differently.

Yoga and meditation are daily included and all meals & stay.

We will guide you together with a work-journal daily yoga and meditation and veg.meals included.

This retreat can be a one on one retreat or small groups of max 4p.

E-mail to get more details of the week, ,after that we set a time fro a  video call?    

3 Days Meditation & Yoga    € 295.00 1p   € 450,- 2p

Every morning Yoga en meditation.

Optionally silence &vision walk around the lake.

Lots of free time 2 walk, bike, swim, or canoe around the lake,

do adventurous canoeing, swimming or bike or subway to the Amsterdam city center.

Evening time there are movies on Spirituality and whatever topic that’s essential for living a happy healthy life.
Included is vegetarian breakfast & a private room.

3 Days Yoga & Meditation and Raw Food Making €350

Two times Yoga and meditation per day

We teach you how to make delicious healthy smoothies, juices, salads, kimchi, and kombucha. The last two are pro-biotics.

We organize additional bike rides to our local organic farm near Abcoude


3 Day Yoga, Massage & Detox    € 395.00

One yoga class (1h 15 min)

Three times a 30-minute massage session.

Free entrance and transport to Spa, Sauna Weesp
A detox diet of only vegetables &fruit juices, and tea.
Learning how to make fresh detoxifying juices

Counseling walk around the lake for 1 hour.

1 private room 2 nights.

In the evening movies on diet and detox..

3 Days Yoga and 1-morning ecstatic dance 295,-

1 yoga class and meditation p day

Transport and entrance to ED (Tuesday evening ore Sunday morning)

Breakfast included free use of our kitchen.