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CBD & THC how can it help us ?

As the interest in the medicinal function of the plant is increasing and as more and more people are searching themselves for natural remedies to cure them selves from cancer, spasms, anorexia, neuropathic ailments, insomnia, rheumatism, and way more diseases, the plant can help by taking CBD drops, you can make juice from the Cannabis leaves, ore taking pills rectal with cannabis paste.

So what is the healing stuff inside the plant? it is CBD; cannabidiol, there are approximately 110 different
cannabinoids in cannabis. Cannabinoids are greasy substances who copy our own body substances.
That’s why CBD works so well with different physical ailments.
CBD is for sale legally as a food supplement in different shops all over the Netherlands.
Many people are still asking the question if you get high from it, this is NOT the case only if there is THC
inside as well you can get a high feeling. Each body is different, so to test how many drops are good for you
you can test it best on yourself by using one drop and then slowly increase.
I am also not a doctor or scientist but a simple yoga teacher a lover of nature and interested in Natural Remedies
since I was a child, simply knowing nature has got many answers for us if we want to know and use her and treat her well.
Dyveke Kok gives in her book “gezond met CBD” good explanations about CBD and addresses where to get
CBD and THC legally. Also, the Scientific Research institute Cannabis (WIC) gives clear proven info on medicinal use.
THC is the psychoactive substance and in most of the countries illegal except for Canada and Ecuador.
In Holland, we can use THC legally when you buy it at an Apotheek, a coffeeshop ore social club.
Some movie links to inform you more are:

The truth about Cancer
CBD-oil and cancer


Ganja Yoga has been an initiative from Lisa Bancroft
A Yoga initiatives wich Lisa Bancroft initiated Spring 2018 in Amsterdam.
Yoga in combination with Cannabis.
The right location, atmosphere, enough fresh fruit and spring water for years with lemon cucumber.
Before starting the class people get some space to drop their self brought drops ore vape their
home grown weeds.

The classes used to be always infused with lots of deep breathing, Yin poses and deep relaxation.
This all to open the energy lanes in the body and follow the poses up with a contra movement
to build up some muscular tension and release again, so the glandular system gets stimulated and “prana”
vital force energy gets the chance to move throughout the system and get it to work as mind demands,…….
So then how to control the monkey mind ?!

During the summer period classes were given outside in the parks as a pop-UP, now autumn 2018
there will be a continuation in the Ganja -Yoga path in combination with the Cannabis CollegeAmsterdam.
The Lessons are meant to make people more aware of their bodies, their breath, their selfrespect
and the healing effect of the Cannabis plant. How it makes ourselves more open in awareness,
sensitive and more open with our senses and arriving in a sense of peacefulness.

Cannabis can also accelerate our process of insights and realizations.
How can we combine these two? Yoga plus Cannabis in a way it will benefit us physically and spiritually?
First of all, we are wise and vapourize, the pure inhalation of the plant ore drops with CBD.
At the Cannabis College, we only use vaporizers.


19:00 Opening of the Space

19:30 Openings meditation & vaping of dropping of Cannabis

20.00 Sart Yin-Yoga class

21.00 Closing down of the class, self-massage, and deep relaxation.

21:30 Closing